Tip and Tricks

Some Hints

  1. Use "Current Location" in the address box or to look up your current address.
  2. FastTrip will remember addresses based on the title of your trip, for "Home To School" the address of Home and School will be remembered. You can use those words in other trips and FastTrip will fill in the addresses for you.
  3. ​Press on the Map for half a second to create a trip to that location
  1. The FastTrip map toolbar helps you navigate the map view
    • Zoom to your current location
    • Start Turn By Turn Navigation (Steering Wheel icon not shown)
    • Select travel by car or walking
    • Refresh the map display

Be on Time

Schedule your trip

Paid Version

has its privleges

Select the days and time for a recurring trip such as Home to Office. A reminder will display on your iPhone to help you launch FastTrip and check on current route times.

FastTrip lets you create a favorites list for all of your trips and set reminders for recurring trips.

FastTrip gives you Turn By Turn navigation for your drives as well as walking directions.

Enter your Start Address or location, i.e. "Battery Park, NYC"  or "Current Location"

​Enter your End Address or location, i.e. "Central Park, NYC" 

Press the Save Icon and watch your trip appear

To get started with FastTrip type in the name of your destination in the search box, i.e. "Central Park"

​Press + to create the trip and move to the edit screen

One or more routes will appear for your trip. View the estimated route times for your trip. Tap on a route marker to view the route name and distance.

If your favorite route does not appear it is probably the slowest at the moment.

Details Details

Address Please

  1. Purchase FastTrip to remove to the Ad Banner and Full Screen Ads.

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